Concrete Restoration

Structural Strengthening – Strengthening of concrete structures can be applied using a variety of systems including the use of plates, fabrics, and post tensioned systems.

Full Depth Repair – Remove existing damaged concrete and replace the insufficient concrete with a new surface in an efficient manner.



Leak Detection & Investigation – Finding and diagnosing a leak on a structure can be a daunting task. With the team of waterproofing experts at JOSS Contracting, the process of identifying and repairing a leaks is what makes Joss superior from the other contractors in the area.

Balcony, Walkway, Plaza Deck & Parking Garage Waterproofing (Remediation & New Construction) – Our crews are specialized in repairing and new installation of waterproofing at all levels on commercial and residential structures from low rises to high rises, parking garages, hotels, condominiums and any in between. We  are experts at installing and repairing Pedestrian Traffic Coating System and Vehicular Traffic Coating Systems and trained at installing products from Tremco, BASF, Sika, and PLIDEK.

Sandwich Slab, Planter, Amenity Deck & Vault Waterproofing – JOSS Contracting is specialized in the installation of waterproofing in all aspects of commercial construction. We are experts in making sure that that the water goes where it is supposed to go and not detract from any of the architectural grandeur. Joss contracting are experienced in applying both hot or cold applied materials such as Tremco, BASF, Carlisle, and Grace products.

Below Grade & Blind Side Waterproofing (Under Slab, Elevator Pits, Retaining Walls, Below Grade Walls to Footer) – Ground water in Florida is very close to the surface. It is imperative that we keep it from infiltrating the structure. JOSS Contracting is trained at installing sheet goods under slab or blindside. We are also certified in installing liquid applied systems blindside from Tremco, Carlisle, Grace, BASF, and CETCO.

Joint Sealants

Joint Sealants (New Construction& Restoration) – Sealants are installed at all windows, doors, penetrations and locations that have a high failure rate. A high grade sealant should be used in these locations to prevent water intrusion. Sealant selection is based on the application for which it’s intended. Our crews are specialists at installing sealants at standard expansion and control Joints (standard caulking & fully flashed), interior or exterior pre-fabricated assemblies, tilt panel at buildings and parking garages, windows, security sealants at schools/prisons/jails, and extruded silicone strips. We are trained at installing sealants from manufacturers such as Tremco, BASF, Sika, Dow Corning, Emseal, and Watson Bowman.

Air Barriers

Air Barriers (Vapor Permeable & Non Permeable) (Concrete, CMU or Framed Structures) – Air barrier systems are exactly as the name implies, a system. They are assembled to provide a complete barrier to air leakage through all six sides of the building. An air barrier wraps the building and ensures that it protects the building from the effects of air leakage. Air leakage can have damaging effects on how a structure functions and reduces the life span of the structure. JOSS Contracting installs air barriers on Commercial & Residential Building Facades (Liquid/Peel and Sticks), window/Rough Opening (Liquid/Peel and Sticks), utilizing the products of Tremco, Grace, Prosoco, BASF, Carlisle, and STO.

JOSS Contracting specializes in the protection of commercial and residential construction from the harsh environmental conditions of the State of Florida. Our expertise in waterproofing and the application sealants ensures that water and moisture will not penetrate areas of your construction that need to stay dry.

We are also experts in waterproofing and barrier technology application. We only use the very best products from the best manufactures available on the market today. We’re the leader in designing and installing below-grade waterproofing, air barriers, vehicular traffic coating systems, concrete/ joint sealants,  Sandwich Slab, Planter, Amenity Deck, and Vault Waterproofing.

The 45+ inches of rain that falls in Florida is not something to take lightly nor to trust to just anyone to keep out of your structures, JOSS Contracting is your answer.

Company Info

JOSS Contracting was formed in 2013 by three veterans of the construction industry with a combined 45 years of experience. JOSS Contracting’s mission is to be the premier waterproofing contractor in the state of Florida. JOSSContracting is based in the Tampa Bay area.