About Us

JOSS Contracting specializes in the protection of commercial and residential construction from the harsh environmental conditions of the State of Florida. Our expertise in waterproofing and the application sealants ensures that water and moisture will not penetrate areas of your construction that need to stay dry.

We are also experts in waterproofing and barrier technology application. We only use the very best products from the best manufactures available on the market today. We’re the leader in designing and installing below-grade waterproofing, air barriers, vehicular traffic coating systems, concrete/ joint sealants,  Sandwich Slab, Planter, Amenity Deck, and Vault Waterproofing.

The 45+ inches of rain that falls in Florida is not something to take lightly nor to trust to just anyone to keep out of your structures, JOSS Contracting is your answer.

Company Info

JOSS Contracting was formed in 2013 by three veterans of the construction industry with a combined 45 years of experience. JOSS Contracting’s mission is to be the premier waterproofing contractor in the state of Florida. JOSSContracting is based in the Tampa Bay area.